The Visiting Advisor

The Visiting Advisor is a story both inspired by and named after one of those Skyrim side quests that had the potential to be really interesting, but ultimately, Bethesda shouldn't have even bothered.

Viktoriyah is a Redguard member of the vampire clan of Volkihar.

Elisif the Fair is the current Jarl of Haafingar, and the widow of the murdered High King Torygg.

Falk Firebeard is Elisif's steward, and said to be the real power within her court.

Sybille Stentor is Elisif's court mage, and a vampire of Breton descent.

Erikur is a Thane of Haafingar, and possibly the richest man in Skyrim.

Bryling is another Thane of Haafingar; she owns the iron mine in Hjaalmarch.

Melaran is Erikur's housecarl, but he really wants Sybille's job.

Vittoria Vici is a rich, powerful businesswoman in Solitude, and the Emperor's cousin.

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