The Widow Velethi

Original banner made many years ago when I was new, lol
Sometimes I need to remind myself not to reinvent the wheel.

The Widow Velethi was my first Skyrim fanfiction ever, originally published on my Dark & Twisty blog. And in typical goth fashion, my first Skyrim fanfiction ever just had to be about a vampire.

Inspired by Katerina Petrova of The Vampire Diaries, the idea was that Katarinya was a burgundy-haired, Redguard vampire who traveled Tamriel over and over again, particularly Skyrim (where she was sired). After doing this for what we can assume is centuries, she arrives in Riften where she inserts herself into the noble House of Law-Giver...and wedges herself between the two brothers.

Because I'm so fascinated with both her and the vampire who inspired her, I've tried to bring Katarinya back many, many times and failed.   

It finally occurred to me that I didn't need to change the original story; it just needed a little tweaking. So I've brought Katarinya back with a new look (my current mods won't let me give her red hair anymore), and her original story (with some much needed editing and story changes). Also, since it's finished, you don't have to worry about me abandoning it like the last couple of stories, lol.

Heads up...this story is technically an alternate universe from what I've established on this blog, but only aesthetically. The mods I have now are vastly different from the mods I had before. But timeline-wise, you could simply say this takes place before the end of the Civil War. It could literally be taking place during any of the other stories, because we haven't spent that much time in Riften thus far.

Here's a quick glimpse of her over the years (I still have all the old screenshots, lol).

I might bring this look back.
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