Redguard Girls

Redguard Girls is a fanfiction blog set in The Elder Scrolls universe. The stories you're about to read are set in the fifth game, Skyrim. When the sixth game drops, we'll go from there (side note: you don't actually have to be a fan to follow along. I tend to link canon items and characters, and showcase video footage featuring music from the soundtrack).

Like with many people, gaming for me is a form of therapy and Skyrim has been particularly therapeutic for me. For those of you who don't game or simply have never played it, it's a very cozy escape. Yes, there's magic, there are Dragons, and Elves, and Orcs, but that's not what drew me to Skyrim. It's the cities, the landscapes, the music, and of course, the mods (my videos and screenshots would look like shit without the mods. And speaking of videos, remember to watch in HD).

The Redguards are basically the Black people of this fictional universe, so this blog is a safe space for Black girls who love Skyrim. Not only that, but when playing the game, I don't much care for being broke and living in the wild; to me, that defeats the whole point of "fantasy." So I intend to show Redguard women living their best lives wearing the best outfits.

Not that it's going to be all roses, either. Wouldn't make for good storytelling, would it?

Side note: I've listed the titles of my fics up top, in order as I write them. I'm technically building a world within a world (marriages, deaths, births, etc.). It's recommended you read them in order, but not required. Unless labeled a sequel, each story stands on its own.


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