Winter Sisters

I couldn't keep the war going indefinitely, so Winter Sisters touches upon the fall of Ulfric Stormcloak, and sets the stage for stories about life in Skyrim back under the Empire.

Winter Sisters also introduces the Septima siblings, the half-Redguard, half-Imperial distant descendants of the Great Tiber Septim himself. Their family has since fallen on hard times, possessing neither wealth nor a shred of political clout.

Minerva Septima, the elder sister, is an agent of the Penitus Oculatus. Desperate to regain her family's position, she sees opportunity in Skyrim Civil War.

After a life of obscurity, Tatianna Septima suddenly finds herself not only summoned to Skyrim, but betrothed to the new Jarl of Winterhold.

An old friend of the Septima sisters, Marcurio is an Imperial mage for hire living in Skyrim.

Descended from an ancient noble bloodline long forgotten, Kraldar is surprised to become the Jarl of Winterhold...and to be betrothed to a woman he feels is way out of his league.

When Ulfric Stormcloak is executed, the jarldom of Eastmarch falls to Brunwulf Free-Winter.

Malur Seloth is Kraldar's steward.

Sevan Telendas is the Legate assigned to Winterhold in the wake of the Empire's victory.

Captain Lonely-Gale is the steward of Brunwulf Free-Winter.

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