The Vampire's Diary

Sometimes, when you lose your way, it's best to go back to the beginning. I thought that meant revisiting my girl Zahra, but then I realized I needed to do a Katarinya fic.

My very first (published) Skyrim fic was titled The Widow Velethi and focused on a vampire who returned to Riften posing as a widow, and insinuated herself into the court of Jarl Laila Law-Giver. I loved the character, loved her personality, her overall story, but I never felt like I did her justice.

Initially, inspired by Katerina Petrova from The Vampire Diaries, Katarinya is a vampire who's several centuries old. Because I'm taking more of my inspiration from the fox demon Xiaowei (Painted Skin: The Resurrection) this time, I decided that Katarinya returns to Skyrim after a long absence, posing as a bard.

Laila Law-Giver is Jarl of the Rift, one of the most corrupt holds in Skyrim. Though herself an honorable woman, she's aligned with the Stormcloaks.

Harrald is Laila's eldest son and heir. He sides with the Stormcloaks to stay in his mother's good graces, even though a part of him knows they're going to lose the war.

Saerlund is Laila's second son. He supports the Empire and for that, he's disinherited.

Anuriel is Laila's steward. She's done very well for herself in the Rift, hence her loyalty to the Jarl.

Maven Black-Briar is the matriarch of the wealthy Black-Briar family, and said to be the real power in the Rift.

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