Lady of Karthwasten

Lady of Karthwasten follows one of the last (and one of the most infamous) courtesans of Markarth.

When Astridr is banished from yet another Skyrim city, she decides she's tired of running and wants to return home.

Ainethacth owns the silver mine at Karthwasten, in the Reach.

Thongvor Silver-Blood is the head of the Silver-Blood family in the Reach.

Thonar is Thongvor's younger brother.

Betrid is Thonar's wife.

Lisbet is Thonar's mistress.

Igmund is Jarl of the Reach.

Faleen is Igmund's housecarl.

Elisif is Jarl of Haafingar, and possibly the next High Queen of Skyrim.

Skald the Elder is Jarl of the Pale.

Jod is Skald's housecarl.

Madena is Skald's court mage.


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